Our partners

In order to provide our clients with the best services, we invest in building partnerships with various entities. We believe it is essential to have partners worldwide, to leverage our extensive experience and track record, and to develop services that will meet every client’s needs.

CICC is the national regulatory body designated by the government of Canada to regulate Canadian immigration, citizenship, and international student advising services. The organization aims to be an effective, fair, and transparent regulator of the Canadian immigration consulting profession. CCIC is a role model for other regulatory bodies in its regulation of the profession, management of the organization, and protection of consumers, and it aspires to set a high standard for regulatory bodies.

Insight Canadian Business Development is a consultancy firm that provides various expert services. Their team will assist you in improving your business performance, leading it to the highest level of transformation, and astonishing results.
They offer top-tier services for all your business needs, and they have the track record that proves their capabilities to completely revamp any entity to meet its fullest potential.
Their team has a huge depth of knowledge and experience, which has been acquired through 15 years of transforming small businesses into huge organizations, in addition to a multitude of worldwide relations and partnerships.

Our Consultants are members of The Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC)
CAPIC is the professional organization for immigration and citizenship consultants, that is established as a federally chartered, non-profit immigration practitioner organization. The charter includes the right to issue the designation of Licensed Member – L.M.A.I.C. With more than 2000 members, CAPIC is not only the largest but also the only existing non-profit association for Canadian immigration consultants. They continue to grow and evolve as a direct response to dynamic changes within the immigration consulting industry.

Target aims to make partnerships with institutions that provide high-quality services . A call for institutions that present useful and exclusive services that positively impact people’s lives, feel free to  apply for a partnership with us.