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To make things even easier for you, we’ve made an online application where you can check if you’re qualified to move, immigrate or visit Canada today!

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The best thing about Canada is it’s multicultural society... We’re proud to say that our Canadian consultants have helped thousands of foreigners immigrate to Canada over the past 10 years.

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Tailored Programs

Target Immigration Services will help you apply for the best visa & immigration option based on your qualifications and eligibility.

Immigration Programs

Our Programs

There are various categories and programs of Canadian immigration, under which you can apply to visit Canada, work or study temporarily, or immigrate to Canada.

Express Entry Programs

Canada chooses skilled workers based on experience, skills and ability to contribute to the economy. Express Entry Applications include three programs, Federal Skilled Workers and Federal Skilled Trades Programs as well as Canadian Experience Class Program.

Family Class Sponsorship

Your relatives can live, study and work in Canada if they become permanent residents of Canada. You can sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent children as well as your parents and grandparents, grandchildren, your relatives or adopted children to move to Canada.

Business Immigration Programs

Invest in a developed and growing economy by applying to Self Employed Persons Program, Startup Visa Program, Federal Investor & Entrepreneurs.

With Target Immigration Services

Enjoy top-notch quality services in different immigration and travel programs provided by a hardworking, loyal, diverse, and efficient team that abides by a strong code of ethics. Our Canadian consultants provide advice to a wide range of clients from different ages as well as professions. From people who plan on permanently moving to Canada, to entrepreneurs who plan on expanding their businesses, to undergraduate as well as postgraduate students who seek top-notch education, to travel bloggers and tourists who wish to add the Great White North to the list of fascinating places.

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Other Services

Some extra services tailored to ease your immigration process.

Immigration consultancy

We are the only Egyptian immigration firm that offers In-house regulated immigration consultancy.

Immigration assessment

We can help you know your application score before applying to have the chance to improve it -if needed.

Fill In Immigration Application

We will fill your online application for you to ensure zero errors.

Acquire & Translate Documents

We will let you know which documents are needed from your side for your application depending on the Visa type you’re qualified for and help you get & translate them.

Send Documents

We will make sure these documents are delivered to the right places through our offices in Canada.

Submit Application Fees

We will submit the application fees for you.

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