Express Entry: Back Again

Express Entry over the Past Two Years


Canada is a country that depends on immigration. The immigrants contribute to the Canadian economy by filling gaps in the labour force, paying taxes, using transportation and buying houses. In the past two years, the immigration map changed. The Express Entry which considers a way for Canadian immigration stopped, as the IRCC holds the candidates’ applications. On the 23rd of December, 2020, two express entry programs were paused; Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Federal Skilled Workers (FSW). In addition, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) had been paused since September 2021.

Many applicants were worried about their applications that have been submitted for a long time, starting to lose hope in their Canadian dream. The IRCC announced in April, that the Express Entry Programs will return by July, as well as the immigration process, will be speedy.


Resume of Express Entry Programs


The IRCC kept committed to its promise. On the 6th of July, 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) started to return the draws of the three programs of the Express Entry. The first draw invites 1,500 candidates to apply for permanent residence with a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 557. On July 20th, 2022, a draw with a total invitation of 1750 and a cut-off score of 542 was conducted. 

The IRCC is planning to accept many applicants into the Express Entry Programs; due to the delays occurred by the pandemic. The IRCC is ready to welcome 55,900 candidates in the upcoming draws this year 2022. Furthermore, backlog that happened in the last years will be handled and the immigration process will return to normal again. 


According to previous statements for the Canadian immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, IRCC will welcome more migrants according to a plan created to help in economic growth and welcoming more candidates. Canada is looking to greet 411,000 new immigrants in 2022, and 421,000 immigrants in 2023.

Express entry will play a role in the number of immigrants that will move to Canada. In 2022, IRCC is aiming to welcome 55,900 Express Entry candidates. Then in 2023, IRCC is to admit 75,750 of these candidates and by 2024, the targets are expected to rise to 111,500. 


Express Entry Future in Canada


Every year, Canada aims to grow its population by about 1% through immigration. The majority of these immigrants come from the economic class. Before this year, Express Entry was the main pathway for new immigrants. As per the current levels plan, Express Entry will once again be the main program by 2024.

The increase in the number of PNP admissions in Canada is because the federal and provincial governments consider it an effective tool to promote the economic development of the country. By 2024, the number of annual Express Entry admissions will be increased by the Canadian government to about 111,500 immigrants.


Its essential to add that Canada is relaxing rules for Express Entry candidates who studied online during the pandemic. IRCC recommends Express Entry candidates to update their profiles by 2nd of August to benefit from a new measure to count online, out of Canada, and part-time studies for points. Express Entry candidates will now be eligible for Canadian educational credential points for programs completed online between March 2020 and August 2022. In addition, Candidates in the pool may have already received a letter from IRCC notifying them of the change. The next Express Entry draw is expected to be on Wednesday, 3rd of August. 


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