Why Canada is the Best Place for Egyptians to Live In?

We’ve had a mini conversation with the Canadian Consultants in Egypt, the owners of Target Immigration Service, about their lives in Canada and their journey between Egypt and Canada. In a quest to understand why Canada can be the perfect destination for Egyptians to immigrate to and we thought it’s important to let everyone know, how important it is for them to know that Target offers a lifetime opportunity.

Safety & Security

Violent crime is rare and gun ownership is almost four times lower than the US.


The OECD Better Life Index awarded Canada an impressive 9.7 out of 10 for safety and security, in 2014.

No more illiteracy

Canadians  have access to the best schooling available no matter what their background. As a result, Canadian children perform well across the board and, on average, stay in education longer than most other countries.


Canada’s healthcare system is one of the most fair in the world. Medical treatment is mostly free at the point of use and funded by government taxes. Each province is given a health budget to administer locally and issue health cards to all eligible residents allowing them to access healthcare.

Depending on which sort of visa you have, an immigrant may be granted a health card, but it is worth researching before hand in case you need to take out private insurance some of the best staff, facilities and treatment methods in the world.

Social Life

If you walk down the street in Toronto or Vancouver you will notice people talking in many different languages from around the world or catch the scent of some tempting international cuisine. For an Egyptian, it is easy to settle into life in Canada as acceptance and respect are very much a part of national way of thinking. If you are willing to get out, meet new people and embrace your new country, Canada is ready to embrace you.

Egyptians won’t feel entirely home sick!

This laidback nation is known worldwide for its simple, straight-talking sense of humour. With notable comedians such as John Candy, Jim Carrey and Mike Myers all originally Canadian, it’s clearly a funny place just like Egypt.

Most Canadians will enjoy having a good laugh about anything from the weather to politics, but be sure not to joke about ice hockey as they are very serious about it.

Talk about open minded….

A Country that has a great appreciation of civil rights and was the first country outside Europe to legalize same sex marriage over a decade ago. Canada’s multicultural, diverse spirit is evident in both its forward thinking immigration policy and its zero tolerance approach to hate crimes and racial abuse.

Canada has realized a long time ago the benefits skilled immigrants can bring to their country and their economy. Their fair immigration policy gives anyone truly willing to make a successful life in Canada a good chance of achieving their goals. In return, Canadians are able to travel the world relatively freely, safe in the knowledge that they will be welcomed wherever they go.

Just like Egypt, Canada is Big and Beautiful

Canada is the second largest country in the world and one of the most beautiful.  From ice bound and snow sprinkled peaks to sparkling lakes. Every weekend and holiday will be packed with skiing, whale watching, kayaking and hiking around it’s beautiful cities. Forget about Ski Egypt, you can do the real thing!

Toronto was recently named the 4th most attractive city worldwide, with a relatively small population of just 350, 0000 spread across this vast country, there’s way less traffic than Cairo!

Good Food and we all know how important food is to Egyptians

Waves of immigration from Europe, Asia and South America have enhanced and enriched Canada’s restaurant scene. In most big cities you will find a huge variety of international cuisine, from Thai and Indian to Iranian and Lebanese.  

You will be able to AFFORD IT easily

Canada’s stable economy is built on the strong foundations of its natural wealth. As well a large income from the oil and gas industry, gold, copper, iron ore and uranium all contribute to the country’s impressive GDP.  The rich central plains are ideal for farming and allow Canada to export substantial amounts of wheat and other cereals as well as wood and lumber products.

Canada’s natural wealth has also benefited its booming tourist industry as people flock from all over the world to see elk, polar bears and whales and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

With over 250,000 immigrants settling in Canada every year, and a chance for 1,000000 immigrants that they’re ready to welcome in the next 3 years.