They say Canada is a place with a harsh Climate.

The majority of the population lives in the southern parts, near the border with the United States, because the climate here is temperate and much more favorable for living.

Here are the most prosperous Canadian cities.

1. Windsor is one of the southern-most Canadian cities.

It is located within the province of Ontario. The daily temperatures are negative in January, but in December and February are about 1 – 2 degrees. In Spring, warm air masses begin quickly to invade from the south and the temperatures increase greatly a short period of time. The summers are very hot, the average daily temperature in July is 28°C, but sometimes can reach even 40°C.

2. Victoria Island.

The island is located in the southernmost parts of the province of British Columbia, on the border with the United States.

During the two coldest months of the year – December and January – the daily temperature is around 7°C. Because of the influence of the Pacific, the temperature variation is insignificant. The hottest month is August – about 22 degrees. It also rains a lot and all year around.

Fortunately, the temperatures here rarely fall below zero, but to get a realistic picture about how mild is the local climate, is enough just to say that here very well grow the kiwi plant, which is not big fan of the cold and loves places with warm climate such as China, South Africa, New Zealand and the mediterranean.