Target’s Expectations for 2023

Immigration to Canada has been steadily increasing in recent years, and the expectations of new immigrants for 2023 are higher than any year before. This year 2023, will be a year of significant changes to immigration programs. The Canadian government coordinates and processes applications for skilled workers who seek to immigrate to Canada and get permanent residency through the Express Entry online system.

Canada’s Economic Shortages and Immigration Plan

In Canada, there is an acute labour shortage as a result of the country’s economic problems, aging demographics, and low birth rates. By 2023, 9 million Canadians are expected to retire and there won’t be enough replacements available. Therefore, a high number of vacant positions would arise, which would make it necessary to modify the procedure to recruit in-demand professionals to Canada soon.

In 2023, the IRCC will use new authorities to hold Express Entry draws to invite candidates based on specific attributes rather than their overall CRS score. The express entry system will transition away from the focus on CRS scores and conduct draws that allow Canada to welcome immigrants that help the country better focus on addressing specific areas of labour market need and weakness.

In order to fill the manpower gap in various sectors, The government has announced a plan of raising the targets that they need for the next 3 years for their economic purposes. Canada is welcoming 1.45 million immigrants by 2025, exceeding its previous years’ immigration goals. As many as 465,000 Canada PR visas will be granted in 2023. Of these, 82,880 will get Canada PR by Express Entry.

Changes in Express Entry and Our Expectations

Canada uses NOC codes as a national reference for occupations that reflects its economy and labor market. The NOC codes of the express entry profiles were changed from a 4-digit “Skill Level” structure to a new 5-digit hierarchical TEER (Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities) structure. Modifications must be applied to each current profile in the express entry.

IRCC is planning to start holding Express Entry draws for candidates based on labor market goals in the first quarter of 2023. The IRCC has released in June 2022 that the idea of Express Entry draws will become targeted toward certain types of applications in 2023.

We expect that the CRS score will no longer be the only deciding factor; the express entry could be tailored to candidates that had particular work experience, education, language abilities, or any other criteria. Additionally, it will be possible to issue invitations to candidates based on the urgent labour shortages & pressing economic needs in Canada; they will choose specific occupations.

Our Guide to Best Present Oneself to the Immigration Officers

With the right preparation, you can start your journey to a new life in Canada. To give your profile the possibility of being selected, you have to maximize CRS points; by language proficiency, especially if you have both English and French language ability, it could be a good idea to have test results. Additionally, it is essential that your Express Entry profile be modified with the most accurate TEER category, as there will likely be targeted draws based on specific TEERs. 

Choose a certified consultancy firm that has the IRCC license to make sure that your profile has the best chance of being selected by ensuring that your submitted information is completed adequately. The whole process requires a consultant who understands the tactics of the continuously changing regulations that makes the transition to a new country can be much less intimidating. This is the perfect way to get a head start on the immigration process and make the most of your new life abroad. 

Though the process can be exhausting, the reward of a new life in Canada is worth it. Then, if you’re determined to make Canada your home, don’t hesitate to take the first step and contact us!


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